Have you ever wanted to show the world your talents, but you haven’t found such an opportunity?
Are you the one who mesmerizes his friends with your gorgeous voice at the karaoke parties?
Is your guitar or another instrument your greatest passion and your best friend at the same time?
Have you fallen in love with dancing and you keep showing that at every party?
Do you have any other talent you want to present in front of your beloved Erasmus family?

That’s why we are here for! Our new event, Erasmus got TALENT, is the perfect one for your performance! Take your inspiration, boost your energy and just come! Everything else is prepared for spending a great time together!


Lots of hugs from Timisoara,
ESN team





09/05/2017 - 19:00
Orfeu Hall, UVT Faculty of Music
Meeting Point: 
Lucian Blaga