It's sad to announce this moment but this Friday we will have the last party all together :(
We need to make the best of it so we had organised for you a Pool Party at Club No Name that you already love.
What makes this party special? It is that we will be in #Hawaii spirit: all dressed in #bikinii and hawaii #costumes with a lot of colors and flowers necklaces!!!
Beside that we are going to celebrate the Naughty Awards( you had voted during this week. Isn't that you are interested to find out who is #Miss/ #Mr Erasmus this Year? Or maybe who is the best kisser/ or the best explorer? Come and party with the winners!!!! It's the last chance to make a memorable night in the name of your #erasmusintimisoara.
Even though our roads are fast spreding apart... we better don't cry now and still take advantge of the time left! We know you all made friends here and it will be hard to live without them back home but this friday, bring your all sweet mates and ride the ESN/Erasmus Wave at No Name Hawaiian Party.
The pool will be ours starting with 20:00 (is recomanded to have esn card with you)
16/06/2017 - 20:00
No Name Beach
Iosif Bulbuca No. 11