We keep on bringing up history whenever we talk about Timișoara, and its only fair to do so - this city is full of history!
We want to give you a closer look, so we’ll take you to #two of our favorite #museums, the Banat Village Museum and the Arts Museum.
Two unique and different museums, capturing Timișoara’s quintessential. However, there’s a catch!
We all love looking at art and discovering new things about different cultures, but we also want to see who has the best eye!
While touring these museums, we will have a #photo contest, so make sure you bring your camera or keep your phone at hand to snap the perfect shot.
At the end of the day, we’ll swap impressions and compare photographs and… the winner gets a secret prize!
#WHEN: Sunday, 4th of October, 12:30
#WHERE: Căminul C13

** The entrance is free for those who have a student card (or something that proves that you are a student).
For those who don't have, the entrance for the Arts Museum is 10 lei and for Banat Village Museum 5 lei.

In order to participate at our events, all Erasmus + students have to fill in the form below.

04/10/2020 - 12:30
Meeting Point: 
Cămin C13
Aleea Studenților 14
300086 Timișoara
Free as long as you prove to be student.