Hello, dears (reindeers)!

Have you felt the Christmas spirit yet? If not, now is a good time for it. Let's get #jolly and #happy by helping Santa share his long-awaited presents! 

Let the troubles stay miles away and find your way to kindness by making Christmas cards with 20 eager kids. 
And because we're Santa's little helpers, the ones who want, are free to buy the kids some gifts!

And remember: being kind never gets old and it warms the cold souls!
#When: 10th of December
#Where: Centrul de Primire în Regim de Urgență Timișoara
#Meeting point: 14.40 in front of Căminul C13

#Registrations: You have to register here first because there are only 10 spots! Hurry up! 


Deadline for registrations: 9th of December, at midnight!

10/12/2018 - 14:30
Meeting Point: 
Caminul C13 at 14:40