In your never-ending scrolling experience, you might have seen something that caught your eye. The truth is that behind all that content that you enjoy, there is a lot of thinking and effort put together with deep knowledge. Therefore, if you are curious about switching sides and viewing this experience from the other perspective, you've come to the right place!

Buckle up, as this ride is going to be legendary!

Social Media Weeks consists of two weeks (8th - 21th March) full of webinars in which you have the chance to get all the information you need, disseminated by a series of well-prepared trainers so that in the end, you will be able to create quality content and get satisfying results!

In the first week (8th - 14th March), we will be exploring the universe of graphic design, photography and video editing. Prepare your devices and get ready to unleash your imagination! The second week (15th - 21st March) will be about Communication and Branding, Multimedia and how to use Social Media platforms in order to get a higher impact among your audience!
But you can find more about each webinar by checking the agenda.

Initially starting from an idea by ESN Iaşi, the project of a multilateral approach on Social Media was shaped with the help of ESN Braşov, ESN Poli, ESN Târgu Mureş and ESN Timişoara, but also by specialists who were willing to share their knowledge and experience with us. Among our collaborators, we can mention ASMI, PRIME Iaşi, ConceptArt, KULT Hub.

Do not miss out on this, as it is going to be a glamorous journey! Fill the form and join us in our virtual trip through social media.

08/03/2021 - 18:00 to 22/03/2021 - 20:45