The goal of MappED! project is to provide equal opportunities to students with disabilities for their participation in the Erasmus+ Programme, providing them with the necessary tools to be better informed about their rights, procedures and support services they are entitled to.

The Erasmus+ Programme is a great opportunity for personal development, gaining new skills, learn a new language and be more employable on the job market. MappED! project aims at reducing the disaparities in learning outcomes affecting disadvantaged learners through increasing the number of students with disabilities participating in the Erasmus+ exchanges.

MappED! is a follow up on MapAbility project and as such it will provide students with information on accessibility of not only university facilities, but also many other places and services. It will do so via platform with improved interface that will be available both on web portal and in the newly developed mobile application. Its interactive map rates a university on several factors, ranging from: the accessibility of its physical location, the user-friendliness of its website and the availability of services provided for students with disabilities

On Social Inclusion Days, ESN Timisoara is planning to get Timisoara on the map for a more accessible city!

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