Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?
Come and join us for awesome Welcome Days with lots of activities, funny moments, a way to start lifelong friendships and make memories! We are going to prepare the most exciting activities in order for you to explore your new home, to meet the other Erasmus+ students and spend some time with the locals.
Are you in for the best week of your life? Are you ready to fall in love? Join the Welcome Days organised by ESN Timisoara and start your Erasmus+ experience.

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  • Tuesday, 29th September - Meet your Buddy - A friend in need is a friend indeed! Meet your Erasmus+ Buddy as well as the other students and plan your next adventures!
  • Wednesday, 30th September - Speed Friending - we all heard about speed dating, but friends are there for a lifetime! Let’s get to know each other, boast about our favorite topics and have fun together!
  • Thursday, 1st October - City Rally - An exciting way to explore the city together! P.S. There are some prizes involved
  • Friday, 2nd October - Run/Walk by the River - Put on your running shoes, grab a bottle of water and lets get our heart rates up while enjoying one of the last warm autumn days together.
  • Saturday, 3rd October - Boat Tour - Ayy, ayy matey! Boating is a great way to relax and see the hidden beauties of Timișoara! Also, we can act like pirates!
  • Sunday, 4th October - History Tour and Photo Contest - We’re touring two of the most beautiful museums in Timișoara while trying to see some of your best photography skills!
  • Monday, 5th October - Detective Night - We’re feeling the Haloween vibes so get your magnifiers ready because you’re becoming detectives! Did we mention that its gonna be dark outside?!
  • Tuesday, 6th October - Online Movie Night - On Sundays, we’re chilling! Grab some popcorn and press play - the ESN Timișoara movie night is here!
  • Wednesday, 7th October - Online Music Night - Get your Spotify playlists ready and show us your favorite tunes! We’re turning up the party digitally this time!
  • Thursday. 8th October - Chill Day in the Park - bring a blanket, snacks, and your Erasmus+ buddies. We’re bringing the games and the fun!
  • Friday, 9th October - Quiz in the Park - Its been a while since you arrived in Romania and now we’re trying to see just how much you know about your fostering country. Take our quiz and we promise there’s something good waiting for you at the end of it!
  • Saturday, 10th October - Guided Tour - Explore Timișoara whie being assisted by a professional tour guide and get to know amazing facts about this city!
  • Sunday, 11th October - One online movie night wasn’t enough for us! Tell us about your favorite movie and let’s watch it together!