Situated towards the Romanian western border, in the heart of the Banat region, Timișoara is the country’s third biggest city and one of the most multicultural places in Romania. There you can meet people of German, Hungarian, Serbian, Ukrainian or Slovakian origin.

           The city, whose history dates back to XIIIth century, was under Hungarian, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian dominance over the centuries. Each foreign influence shaping not only the city’s architecture but also its mentality making it opens to novelty and innovation. It is the first mainland European city lit by electric lamps (12th of November 1884) and the second city in Europe to have had horse-drawn trams in 1867.

           Timișoara is also cradle of the 1989 Revolution which led to the end of the communist era in Romania. Here you have numerous and varied options of spending your free time. It can be either outdoors, by having a walk or a bike ride into one of the Timișoara’s many parks or by rowing or taking a boat ride on the Bega canal, or indoors - in which case you can choose among a wide range of locations suitable for all tastes: from clubs and pubs to cinemas, theatres or museums.

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