ESN Timișoara is a section of Erasmus Student Network in charge of the incoming Erasmus and international students in the city of Timișoara. The section was recognized at national level by ESN Romania in December 2011 and at international level by ESN International in January 2012.

We describe ourselves rather experienced than young or old section: only 12 years have passed since young students from Timișoara, either having beneficiated from the Erasmus program or being interested in the inter-cultural experiences, met and decided to coagulate their efforts in order to facilitate the integration of foreign students into the Romanian culture, education system and lifestyle and also to promote the international exchange programs.

Our actions didn’t go unnoticed at the national and international levels. We have tried to promote through different ways the International Mobility as we believe that traveling and discovering new countries as well as becoming aware of the European spirit are vital for young people all over the continent. Being the beneficiary of an internship or study mobility abroad, not only creates the right environment for acquiring new skills and abilities and thus boosting students’ employability potential, but also ensures an increased quality of Higher Education in Romania.

Every year, over 50 volunteers & buddies take care of the well-being of our section and ensure that your stay in Romania is an unforgettable one. So, don’t miss the chance to meet with them! :)

The members of ESN Timisoara do not have any financial benefits out of their activity in the section and do this job with the pleasure of helping the international students and contributing to an intercultural dialogue between them and the local community.

The board is the decision body of the ESN section, the one who leads the group of volunteers and manages the activity of the section. ESN Timisoara's board members are in charge of organizing activities for the international students in the city and for the ex-Erasmus Romanian students. Their main aim is to contribute to the social (re)integration of both groups and also develop the network.

Established Events:

  • Welcome Weeks
  • Themed Parties
  • Present your Country
  • Games Night
  • Responsible Party
  • Erasmus Concert
  • SocialErasmus Week
  • A Trinket for a Book
  • International Dinner
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Kids vs. Summer

Annual Trips: 

  • Halloween in Transilvania (by ESN Romania)
  • Escape to Vama Veche (by ESN Romania)
  • EuroTrip
  • Journey Across Romania
  • Danube Cruise


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