Erasmus Student Network is organising an initiative Social Inclusion Days where more than 500 local associations in 40 countries will host events that raise awareness and take action about volunteering and disability from 16th until 29th of April 2018.

To show students and young people how student mobility is enriched by volunteering this year ESN International is organising an initiative that goes a bit further for a cause of social inclusion through volunteering under a name of Social Inclusion Days. The two-week initiative will provide opportunities for international students to learn how they can contribute to improve society as European citizens. During this edition, the focus is on the importance of the social impact international volunteers have upon the local communities and making inclusive events.

Thanks to the Erasmus programme, ESN has such amazing opportunity to help students make the most of their mobility and to make society better for everyone.

Join us for the next activities:

16/04/2018 to 29/04/2018