1. Where can I buy cheap groceries?

    • ​​We recommend you to go to the markets for BIO and cheap groceries. A few example of open space markets are: Piata 700, Piata Doina, Piata Giroc. If you need a supermarket (that has it all) you can go to Auchan in Iulius Mall). A good and cheap supermarket can also be Profi (If you live in the complex you have it right around the corner).

  2. Where can I buy the necessary for the stay here (ex. pillow, bed sheet, etc)?

    • ​International students prefer Profi (open 24/7 and located in the Student Complex), Carrefour (near the Campus and also in the Shopping City Mall), Kaufland, Lidl and Auchan (in Iulius Mall) for alimentary and other common products.​ Find more in our Survival Guide.

  3. Where I can eat at a reasonable price?

    • ​  If you are not a “chef” or you simply don’t feel like cooking today you can try the shawarma places in the complex which offer you different menus for less than 15 RON. If you want to order pizza you can try Dopo Poco, Pizza Ricci, Pizza Poli or Pulcinella. If fast food or Italian food are not what you want, you can find pubs and restaurants on AziLaPranz and in our Survival Guide

  4. Where are al the nice places to go out?

    • ​City center including Piata Unirii is filled with nice bars and pubs where you can either have a snack or a drink with friends. ​Find more in our Survival Guide.