Halloween in Transylvania

Halloween in Transylvania (HiT) is a journey through the cultural heritage and mysterious land of Transylvania: castles full of history, breathtaking landscapes, delicious traditional food, promenades through Romania’s most beautiful towns, and parties with your fantastic international friends.

It is one of the most beloved events of ESN Romania because it brings together Erasmus students and local sections from all over the country and allows them to discover the most famous and mysterious places of Transylvania in the most expected event of the year! (Facebook page)


Escape to Vama Veche

Erasmus Student Network Romania proudly presents a legendary national event: Escape to Vama Veche!

It is organized each year on the occasion of the International Labor Day, celebrated on the 1st of May. All the ESN sections in Romania are participating at the event and soon it became a national tradition, gathering hundreds of Erasmus students from across the country in the most known seaside resort among youngsters.

You will have the opportunity to be around campfires on the beach, participate at themed parties, colour battles, a one-day-trip to Bulgaria, and last but not least, be involved sea-side sports and social-environmental activities. All of these will guarantee you an unforgettable event. (Facebook page)


International Erasmus Games

The International Erasmus games (IEG) are a pan European health and well-being initiative of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). We unite exchange students from all over Europe in an effort to promote sports as a universal language. Our efforts break all the barriers which separate the local and international communities of Europe and bring together people from all backgrounds, nationalities and age groups under the motto of healthy competition. Our volunteers organise and take part in sports competitions, running challenges, nutritional workshops and campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of obesity, alcohol and drug abuse. (Facebook page)