Dear Erasmus Students,


Here are the up to date restrictions announced by the authorities for Timisoara.

As you might know, we still have some restrictions in Timisoara that need to be respected.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


  1. Traffic allowed even at night: going out is allowed at any time, without restrictions.


  1. Shops work under normal schedules:  Economic operators can operate until 00:00.



  1. Recreational and sports activities are allowed in closed spaces as well: It is allowed the activity of economic operators carried out in closed spaces in the field of gyms and / or fitness, with the obligation to comply with the prevention norms established by the joint order of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Minister of Health.


  1. Free Time:  The activity of licensed economic operators in the field of gambling is resumed in closed spaces.


The activity of restaurants and cafes inside hotels, boarding houses or other accommodation units is allowed without exceeding 50% of the maximum capacity of the space.


It is allowed to organize and carry out the activity in cinemas, performance institutions and / or concerts, with the participation of the public up to 50% of the maximum capacity of the space.


  1. Group activities: It is allowed to move in pedestrian groups of up to 6 people who do not belong to the same family. It is allowed to have outdoor activities in a group of maximum 10 people who do not belong to the same family.


  1. Mandatory mask in certain public spaces: Wearing a protective mask is mandatory for all persons who have reached the age of 5 in closed spaces, but also in certain open spaces: in public transport stations, markets, fairs and areas where rallies, demonstrations, processions, concerts are held , or other types of meetings, during their holding, as well as other areas with potential for congestion. The mask should be worn to cover the nose and mouth.