Responsible Party is a project ongoing across Europe with more than 174,000 students participating. Using the peer-to-peer approach, student ambassadors are organizing activities during parties in a fun and engaging way with the aim of raising awareness about the health effects of alcohol consumption. This event takes place during Responsible Week, in each semester of the academic year. We, ESN Timisoara, want to show that you can have fun without consuming large amounts of alcohol.

How do we want to do that?
We meet in a local pub where we organize many activities to help you stop thinking about consuming alcohol. We choose some board games that can be played in groups. In this way it is almost impossible not to laugh and have fun. Also, we prepare many interactive activities in which all participants must speak with each other, narrate stories of their lives or from their country. This usually ends up with them getting to know each other better and with friendships that might last forever. Some games are chosen or created specifically to make you understand the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Thus, you will realize why it is important to know your limits and how to spot and avoid dangerous situations, whether you're at a bar, a party, or any other place where people are drinking. It's ok if you want to drink, but do it responsibly!