Welcome Weeks

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Come and join us for an awesome Welcome Week with lots of activities, funny moments, a way to start lifelong friendships and make memories! We are going to prepare the most exciting activities in order for you to explore your new second home, to meet the other Erasmus students and spend some time with the locals. Are you in for the best week of your life? Are you ready to fall in love? Join the Welcome Week organized by ESN Timisoara and start your Erasmus Experience.
Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus!

Present your Country

Be proud of your roots and tell us about it! This is all about this event… get dressed in your national costume, bung us pictures or food! Yes …bring food and good stories and let’s have fun and learn together.

Flag Party

With a medium to high level of difficulty we can guaranty your survival only if you let go and let us take care of your night. Flag party means the whole world brought together in one place and one single night. Through his one and only party you will get to know people from around the world and proudly introduce your county … by showing off with your flag and other surprises we have for you.

Thematic Parties

Have  you ever participated in a thematic party? If not, ESN will create the perfect opportunity for you to do so here in Timişoara! You may travel back in the 80’s, cosplay your favourite cartoon or anime characters have an exotic experience,  such as the Hawaiian Party! Remember that you will be given the chance to create your own costumes, to match them with your new friends and enjoy the happy atmosphere and decorations!

Erasmus got Talent

Have you ever wanted to show the world your talents but you haven’t found such an opportunity? Are you the one who mesmerizes his friends with your gorgeous voice at the karaoke parties? Is your guitar or another instrument your greatest passion or have you fallen in love with dancing? If yes, our event  Erasmus got TALENT is the perfect one for your performance! Take your inspiration and creativity, boost your energy and just come to the event! Everything else is prepared for spending a great time together!


National Event Halloween in Transylvania (HiT) – end of October:

It is one of the two National Events of ESN Romania, that gathers every year more 750 Erasmus+ students, coming from 10 Romanian cities. During 4 days, you will discover the history and culture of Transylvania, you will visit the beautiful city of Brașov and the imposing Râșnov citadel. But let’s not forget the best part: you will visit Dracula`s castle (Bran castle) during the night, and after you will have the Halloween Party in its front yard.

This is the only event that gives you the chance to spend the Halloween night on Dracula's land. DO NOT MISS IT!

National Event Escape to Vama Veche (EtVV) – 1st of May weekend:

It is the National Event of ESN Romania that is creating a complete student experience at the seaside. Do you wonder why Escape to Vama Veche is such a great experience? Because participants will enjoy activities such as Beach Olympics, Trip to Balcik & Awesome parties, but Escape to Vama Veche is more than just fun... This is the place you’ll fall in love, in love with “Vama” and those summer nights in seaside.


In order to make your Erasmus experience in Timişoara more enjoyable and to broaden your perspective about life, ESN has prepared a special trip for you! The Eurotrip will follow certain symbolical destinations in different countries around Europe, trip that will enrich your knowledge about the countries you will visit and the distinctive cultures they created throughout history, offering the chance to ask the locals more about their homeland.

Danube Trip

Being the second longest- river in Europe, the Danube river is a symbol of the old continent and also a symbol of your new mother-country,  Romania. Prepare yourself for a beautiful trip on the calm Danube river and its surrounding attractions and be ready to catch a glimpse of the Romanian culture and its breathtaking landscapes!

Journey Across Romania

Along with your new international friends and ESN volunteers, you will explore a series of destinations in different important cities of Romania, each of them having something unique that represents them! You will be able to see castles and try to uncover their hidden secrets,  while managing to discover medieval cities in the same time!



ESN Timișoara volunteers organize frequently SocialErasmus activities that impact every cause and provide a social change.

Responsible Party

Although at a first glance a Responsible Party may seem boring, constrictive, with too many rules to follow, ESN is here to teach you how to enjoy your free time responsibly… and still manage to have lots of fun with your friends in your new local community. During regular parties, ESN volunteers come up with special activities that animate the atmosphere and leave a good mark on the celebration,  while giving you some useful tips and tricks on how to #BustTheHangover and wake up in the morning with only happy memories, not a headache.