Who is up to try a different type of party? 
**Come and win some prizes ! 

This #Tuesday at #Scart Loc Lejer at 7:30 we have prepared for you lots of games, both for single players and for teams together with many other surprises. 

We want to have a good time together, to share our stories and thoughts in order to build tight #connections

Also the Museum of Communism is opened for the curious ones who have missed it last time. 

***If you dare to wear something #white we have a special surprise for you!

ESN volunteers will be waiting for you in front of C13 at 7 pm ! 

See you all there!

28/03/2017 - 19:30
Meeting Point: 
C13, 19:00
Scârț Loc Lejer, Strada Laszlo Szekely, no. 1
300191 Timișoara