Do you agree that #traveling opens your heart, broadens your #mind and fills your life with #experiences and #stories to tell?

Are you one of those Erasmus+ students who discovered themselves and became richer and stronger with every #journey? Or one of those who really wants to go on an adventure, but something´s holding you back?

We invite all of you to join and spend a #cultural night with two travel addicts who are excited to share some of their memories and to convince you that the world is too big to stay in one place.

Let´s travel across the world by means of their unique stories and discover the beauty of other countries and cultures. At the end of the night, everyone will be filled with wanderlust you will never recover from.

Don´t miss it! Take every chance to discover new things and to enrich your soul/life.

#WHEN? Tuesday,12th of March at 20:00
#WHERE? anturaj

12/03/2019 - 20:00 to 13/03/2019 - 19:45